In 2020, Tesla customers helped accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy by avoiding 5.0 million metric tons of CO2e emissions.

Climate change is reaching alarming levels globally due in large part to emissions from burning fossil fuels for transportation and electricity generation. The world cannot reduce CO2 emissions without addressing both energy generation and consumption. And the world cannot address its energy habits without first directly reducing emissions in the transportation and energy sectors.

We are designing and manufacturing a complete energy and transportation ecosystem. We not only develop the technology behind this ecosystem, but we also focus heavily on the affordability of our products that comprise it. We seek to achieve this through our R&D and software development efforts as well as through our continuous drive to develop advanced manufacturing capabilities. This is not only the right thing to do, but it also makes economic sense.

EV Ownership Leads to Reduced Pollution, NOx and CO Emissions

A major benefit of EVs that is often overlooked is their lack of tailpipe emissions. Air pollution in the form of carbon monoxide, NOx and fine particulates from burning fossil fuels causes over eight million premature deaths every year. EVs don’t just benefit the future of our planet—they also help address preventable deaths today.